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To reduce nursing stress and solve the shortage of human resources




latest AI camera Japan's first face recognition using AWS DeepLens

March 2020 NEW release

Next-generation Camera utilizing face recognition technology.

The Mimamori AI camera is a system that uses face recognition technology to prevent wandering and prevent unauthorized outings from medical institutions.


AMAZON's AWS DeepLens can be used in all directions. This service is for “wander prevention” purposes, but it detects “people without surgical mask”, detection of outsiders entering the “restricted area”, detection of men, women, animals, etc. 

can be used as a marketing method or as any AI certification. Please feel free to contact us.

Mimamori AI camera service image

Face recognition detects the movement of a target person who may be wandering about when going out of the entrance / exit of the facility, and alerts the facility staff with a warning sound or a detection alert.

In addition, by utilizing the mobile notification function, it is possible to know the wandering behavior of the target person trying to go out in real time even if there is no facility staff or manager nearby, so quick response and information sharing are possible.

Watch camera.png

Utilization image

1.Register target face information

Register the face information of the target person in advance with the camera.

[Recommended number: 5]

2. Install the camera

Amazon's latest AI camera  ''AWS Deep Lens'' is installed near the entrance that can be detected when the target person tries to go out.

3. Target person goes out or leaves without permission
When the target person tries to get out of the doorway, the latest AI camera raises the face information of the walking person to the cloud, makes a high-speed judgment, and immediately detects.
4. Mobile notification

A mobile notification function that immediately notifies you of detection of going out and leaving the hospital without permission. Mobile notifications to smartphones, mobile phones and PHS are possible.

Registration of face information
Registration of face information
Registration of face information
Target person detection
Identification of facial symptoms
mobile notifications

''AWS Deep Lens''

Amazon's latest AI camera ''AWS Deep Lens'' can perform advanced image analysis and processing. By using this technology, it has become possible to provide support for various situations such as nursing homes, nursing homes, care managers, and hospitals.

Object detection
Object detection

Accurately detect and verify objects.

action recognition
Action recognition

Recognize more than 30 different motions, such as brushing your teeth, applying lipstick, and playing your guitar.

face recognition
Face recognition

Detects a person's face.

Head pose detection
Head posture detection

Detect head postures at 9 different angles.

As a service start campaign price

The Initial cost for Free
40,000 yen/per month

Please feel free to contact us!

What you can do with the latest AI "face recognition method"

The Mimamori AI camera is a system that uses the latest AI face recognition technology to prevent people from wandering around without permission and leaving the hospital without permission.
The loitering wander caused by dementia patients sometimes leads to serious accidents, and the facility may be held responsible for that.  great burden to keep an eye on the target person with human eyes and to search for it when wandering occurs.
The Mimamori AI camera has a system that automatically monitors the target person, so it is possible to early detect and prevent unauthorized going out or leaving the hospital.

This can be expected to significantly reduce the burden on both the facility staff and the person being watched .

Face authentication method
Watch accurately and share information quickly!

The registered target person is detected in real time and mobile notification is provided, so that information can be quickly shared between staff members.

watch over staff
watch over staff
No need to carry around or wear!

There is no risk that the subject will drop, throw away, or take off while wandering.

Walking grandfather.png
remote control.png
The burden on facility staff is reduced!

By automatically detecting the subject's going out and leaving the hospital without system registration, the burden of watching and searching while wandering is eliminated.

Compared with the conventional motion sensor type that detects all people, physical and mental burden is reduced.

watch over staff
The stress that wanderers feel is reduced!

You can watch over gently without making the subject feel stress such as monitoring and restraint.

stress relief
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