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Bringing the “fun of communication” further


Blette Stick has a dedicated antenna chip built-in and can send messages many times farther than communication between Androids. Communicate with friends farther away, share your place with friends far away, and enjoyment and peace of mind of being connected spread farther.


The dedicated chip and antenna can significantly extend the communication distance compared to the Android built-in BLE antenna. You can use Blette in a wider range because you will be able to communicate with friends who are far away. It can be directly plugged into Android with usb-c released in 2020 or later.


(1) Very easy to use Launch Blette on Android and plug BletteStick into the usb-c port.

How to use_01.jpg

(2)Press "OK" to allow Android to use the dongle on the Blette application. With the above operation, communication will switch from Android to BletteStick.


Communication distance

In the measurement of the city near our company, the straight distance is 220m.

Communication range_city_940x400.jpg

Communication is now possible at a distance of 550m or more in a park with good visibility.

Communication range_woods_940x400.jpg



What devices can I use it on? Can I use it on a terminal that Blette could not be used on?


It can be used on devices with a USB-c terminal with Android OS 12 or higher. Even devices that do not support BLE5 can enjoy Blette communication by attaching the Blette Stick.


Is it possible to communicate between Android with Blette Stick and Android without Blette Stick?


yes. You can communicate between Android with Blette Stick and Android without Blette Stick. The Bullet Stick can send messages farther by strengthening the message sender.


Can I use the Bullet Stick in Japan?


Bullet Stick can be used in Japan. The built-in chip and antenna are products with the "Technical Conformity Mark" that can be used legally in Japan, so you can use them with confidence.


Where is the best place to extend the communication distance?


The frequency that Blette uses for communication is the 2.4 GHz band. Communication can be delivered to the farthest in an environment where the other party can see in a straight line. If there are trees or other obstacles between the terminals, communication will be difficult to reach.


Does it automatically switch when the Bullet Stick is inserted and removed?


After installing the Blette Stick on Android, if you select OK for Blette's "Do you want to allow access to the nRF52 USB Product?", Blette will automatically switch the communication antenna to the Blette Stick. At this point all communication will be via the Bullet Stick. Also, if you remove the Blette Stick while Blette is running, the antenna you have been using will switch from the Blette Stick to the Android main unit.

Acquisition certification



NCC Certificate: BLE 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 approved.

CE (EU) & RCM (Australia & New Zealand) Test Report : BLE5 IC Certificate (Canada) : BLE 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 approved. SRRC Certificate (China) : BLE 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 approved. KC Certificate (South Korea) : BLE 5.0 and IEEE 802.15.4 approved. RoHS & REACH Report

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