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The place is more fun, convenient, and profitable.

An application that makes where you are more fun.

You can easily find popular shops and coupons nearby.

Let's get excited at the same event with people around us.

Please enjoy the messages from the people around you and the shops.

Model : Fuji Momoya

What is AirTalk?


Now "I want to tell" at this place

Leave the fun you want to convey on the map with a message.

Everyone gets excited with that message.

Locations and photos combine into one piece of information.

You can enjoy near posts with excitement.


Amazing experience and everywhere

You can easily find popular shops and good-value shops.

Share your thoughts at live venues and sports venues.

You can also enjoy best shot photos more.


In preparation for a disaster, go further.

You can chat with nearby friends without using packets.

Communication is possible within 100 meters without connecting to the net.

It is safe to have it in case of a disaster or emergency.

Main Features


No personal information such as phone numbers or emails is required.


You can post photos and texts on the map with a publication period.


You can "online chat" when you become friends.


You can chat directly with users within 100 meters of the distance.


You can enjoy information that is closely related to you.


Here will be more fun

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