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1 : Allow iOS feature restrictions


AirTalk uses location information (GPS function).

When you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked for permission to use it, so tap "Allow while using APP".

Please allow notifications and Bluetooth communication as well.

To allow the function later. Switch on iOS> Settings> AirTalk.

2 : Create or edit Profile


Let's register "you"

Information to be displayed in other words is registered.

  1. Avatar photo

  2. Name

  3. Self

Register your phone number and your personal information.

You can edit it later in the AirTalk settings.

3 : Browse the post


About the display of the post

  1. It could switch between [Map] and [List] for display.

  2. It could change the display of posts in "Post Search Settings".


Let's see the post in a list

  1. It will be displayed under the conditions set in [Post Search Settings].


Let's see the post on the map

  1. This is the area set in [Post Search Settings].

  2. Your current location, where you are. Tap the surrounding pins to display the posts.

  3. You can set the map.

  4. Display your current location.

  5. You can look at the posts in order.

  6. Update the information.


Post information

  1. Display information about this user.

  2. The photo will be enlarged.

  3. You can like the post.

  4. The "Number of Comments" for this post is displayed.

  5. You can report this post or block posting users.


Let's take a look at "Post Details"

  1. The position of this post. You can check the positional relationship between your current location and the post by tapping it.

  2. Display information about this user.

  3. You can send a "Like".

  4. You can enter a comment for the post.

  5. You can report this post or block posting users.

4 : Publish Post


Let's post a new discovery.

  1. Tap the "New Post" button


The camera will start.

The first time you will be asked to access the camera, select "Allow".

Select "OK" for the camera access permission alert.


Preparation for post.

  1. You can set the publication range and publication time of the post.

  2. Choose from your photo library.

  3. Switch cameras.

  4. Release the shutter.

  5. It is a switch button for using flash.


Publish the post

  1. You can set the publication range and publication time of the post.

  2. You can add a photo caption.

  3. Cancel the post.

  4. Publish this post.

5 : User


Register "Favorite" and "friends".

What kind of users are there near me? Make users who post interesting posts "favorites" or register "friends".

  1. Display the "Add friend" screen

  2. Set conditions to find nearby users.

  3. The registered "friends" will be displayed.

  4. The users who are "Favorites" are displayed.


Find a nearby users

This is the screen where "Find nearby users" is selected.

You can see the user details by tapping the user.

Let's see what kind of post you are doing. .

  1. You can set the "display order" and "search range".

  2. The users who meet the search conditions are displayed.


Register as "favorite" or "friend"

You can add users who make wonderful posts to your "Favorite".

You can apply from the "Friends" button. You can also chat if approved by your "friends"!


1. Apply for a "friend".

2. Register it in "Favorites".

3. Block this user.

4. You can see the list of posts for this user.


About adding "friends"

You need to take action both yourself and the other person to become friends.

  • Send a "friend request" from yourself.

  • The other person approves the "friend request".

  1. Apply for a friend from the Users tab > Nearby Users > User Details.

  2. You can see the recieved friend request.
    ※ "Add from friend request"
    You cannot add it unless you have received a request.

6 : Chat


What you can do with the "chat" function

  • Offline chat : You can chat offline with users within the reach of Bluetooth and wifi.

  • Online chat :  For new chat, press "+" on the upper right to open the screen.


  1. A new chat screen will open.

  2. A nearby user. You can chat offline.

  3. Chat rooms that you have joined in the past are displayed.


"New chat"

This is the screen when you want to chat with a new friend.

Choose a person and send a message.


  1. The "Friends" list is displayed. Choose the person you want to chat with.

  2. Cancel "New Chat".

  3. Enter the message and press the "Send" button.



  1. You can see the details of the chat.

  2. You can attach an image. Tap to enlarge.

  3. Select the image you want to attach.

  4. Tap to enter a message.

7 : Setting


Items that can be operated from "Settings"

  1. "Profile" You can edit your photo, name and profile.

  2. App settings 
    ■ In "Notification", set various notifications to the app. 
    ■ In "Block List" management allows you to edit the users you are blocking.
    ■ In "Fav List", You can check and edit in Favorite User Management. 
    ■ In "My Post", You can delete your published posts.
    ■ In "Distance Units", you can select the distance display from meters and miles.

  3. Share the app 
    ■ In "Recommend to Friends",  Share AirTalk to your friends via SMS.

  4. App information 
    ■ Official site: The official website opens. 
    ■ How to use: You can check how to use AirTalk. 
    ■ You can check various other information.

  5. Model change 
    ■ AirTalk allows you to transfer the settings of the device you are currently using to another device. You can take over user information, friend information, etc. by entering the "device change code" issued from the device you are currently using into the new device.

    Model change code issuance: You can issue a takeover code on the device you are currently using. 
    Model change code input: Used to enter the code issued by the old device on the new one.

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